Basic Ruby training


So you want to learn how to use Ruby. Well luckily for you the web offers quite a few ways to get you started on your Ruby journey. There are lots of free downloadable books on the Ruby language which will guide you in your training. If you don’t like to read and learn but rather prefer watching videos on the subject then you can do that to. The ultimate learning experience will probably be reading, watching and doing practical exercises, all at the same time and this is also an available option. When you use a Google search to find ways of starting to learn how to use Ruby you will find an endless list of links you can follow. That is why we provide a few links you will find helpful and which should give you a great start to learning Ruby.

  • At tekniqal you will be able to watch videos on how to program in Ruby. The videos are sorted in categories and will cover the basics of the Ruby language. A good idea will be to have Ruby installed locally and while watching the videos follow all the instructions and start coding. This should enhance your chance of learning the Ruby language and learning it quicker. Watching all the videos can take you about 2 hours depending on your internet connection.
  • At you will find a list of recommended sites and books you can use for Ruby training. The books are available to buy on Amazon and links to other sites with Ruby training are also available.
  • At the c<>de school site you can find basic and advanced training for the Ruby language. You can start out with Ruby and end with a good knowledge on Ruby on Rails and Ruby Bits. All you have to do is sign up and enroll for your course. Best of all it is free.
  • Codecademy will really help you get to know the Ruby language and environment. They will take you on a step by step tour where you will have fun learning. As you go through the course you will use an interactive Ruby interface for programming as you learn the basics. This is an excellent starting platform. Quick, easy and effective.
  • What kind of language would Ruby be if they didn’t offer some kind of training? So Ruby themselves offer a 15 min tutorial of the Ruby language which offers an interactive programming experience. This can be a good way to judge if you would like the Ruby language.